News and Opportunities


Our collaborator Dr. Rongze Lu’s R01 to NINDS has received a great score.

Great achievement for an ESI (12%). As the co-I of the grant, we are thrilled and look forward to working with Dr. Rongze Lu on the proposed experiments!


The Elsa U. Pardee Foundation has funded our breast cancer research!

A grant of $182,429.00 will support our research on identifying new therapies for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.


Our First NIH Grant!!!

We have been funded by a 5-year NIGMS-MIRA (R35) grant. The major goals of this project are to understand the molecular mechanisms by which mechanical cues regulate tissue regeneration and fibrosis via a Non-Canonical Hippo pathway.


Dr. Zhipeng Meng has been funded by Stanley J. Glaser Foundation.

This award is to support a breast cancer project in Dr. Meng’s lab. The major goals of this project are to identify regulatory mechanisms and therapeutic potential of a novel Semaphorin-Hippo signaling in Triple Negative Breast Cancer.


Our first paper has been online now:


Several positions for graduate students and postdocs are available in our lab. Please email for more information.